The Setting

WESTFIELD Village is a thriving, private and popular community within a conservation area. It has been described as the “jewel in the crown” of The Guinness Partnership housing (TGP) and as a “private, quiet oasis within a city”. An enclosed, safe and nurturing community, it provides peace of mind for both its elderly residents as well as many younger families.

The properties are set back from well maintained and tree-lined verges with attractive memorial gardens, shrubberies, flower beds, a bowling green and striking post-First World War monument. Thomas H Mawson, designer of the village, felt that being surrounded by beautiful, colourful gardens would aid the rehabilitation of disabled ex-servicemen, and this is a philosophy that is upheld in the present day.

Westfield War Memorial Village signed a 70-year lease and Management Agreement with TGP in 2010 and the latter is now responsible for the management of the village, including its lettings. However, both the Westfield charity and TGP work closely together to ensure that the charity’s policies, criteria and philosophy are maintained.

Both the charity and TGP are bound, through their lease agreement, to provide quality housing for our beneficiaries. As part of a demonstration of this commitment to quality, in the seven-year period up to 2014, £960,000 had been spent on modernisation. In the ensuing seven years a further £1,169,000 will be spent.

Qualifying Criteria:

Applications for properties in Westfield village are subject to the following priorities:

Disabled ex-servicemen and women.
Regular and national service personnel who have served for a minimum of three years in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army or Royal Air Force.
Reservists who have served for three years and have been deployed on active service.
Ex-Merchant Navy and support personnel who have served in conflict.
Dependents of all of the above.

Our Properties:

There are 113 properties on the village, 22 of which are privately owned and 91 properties available for rent.

Over the years houses have been modernised and the village extended to ensure a mixture of property sizes and styles to suit different housing needs:

3 bed bungalows 4
2 bed bungalows 4
3 bed houses 36
2 bed houses 11
1 bed ground floor flats 16
2 bed ground floor flats 2
1 bed first floor flats 10
2 bed first floor flats 8

Quite a few of the properties have disabled adaptations such as stair lifts, walk-in showers and grab rails. Furthermore, quite a few of the houses have downstairs toilet facilities, etc, and all meet the governments ‘decent home standard’.

The Westfield charity and its partnership with TGP allows it to help applicants get onto TGP’s other housing lists if suitable accommodation is not available on the Westfield village. The village is a private area with a resident-only parking scheme, including on-street parking and two designated car parking areas. It also has 25 garages for rent to Westfield residents.

How To Apply:

If you would like to apply for a property on Westfield, or for a property within The Guinness Partnership wider portfolio, press the link at the top left hand corner of the page or call the service centre on 0303122318903.