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1 Sir Thomas Storey House
West Road
Telephone: 01524 65799

  • Westfield secretary Mrs Mandy Strecth and chairman Dr David Elliott with guest at an unveiling ceremony in 2013

  • Westfield Office is the home of the charity that has run the site since its inception

  • Charity trustee Mrs Olivia Ley and chairman Dr Elliott at the unveiling of the Bois Memorial Garden in 2013

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Charity (original)

Since 1919 the charity’s aim of providing homes for disabled ex-servicemen has not changed: the involvement of our Armed Forces in numerous conflicts since the end of the two world wars has meant that the need to house and support service and ex-service personnel has remained. The provision of quality housing remains central to the charity’s philosophy, but we do a great deal more.

 The three main aims of the charity are:

  1. To secure the future of Westfield Village as homes for the benefit of disabled and necessitous members and ex-members of the Armed Forces and their dependants.
  2. To support such persons who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress and, ultimately, enhance their quality of life where such relief cannot be provided within a reasonable time by public funds.
  3. To use surplus funds to aid and support any charitable association or organisation connected with either of the above purposes.

What We Do:

The charity's main aim is to address and provide for the well-being of the residents, particularly those who are disabled, infirm or in need. We do this via:


Strong Management

Through good management we are able to maximize the funds we are able to make available to provide the most  comprehensive and effective service to our beneficiaries.




Providing Quality Homes

In order to improve living conditions within properties and communal areas on the village, and to enhance the quality of life for residents, we fund work on the village in addition to that undertaken by Guinness Northern Counties Housing Association.



BuckPalace2.jpgSupporting Related Charities

By funding the activities of other 'sympathetic' charities we can not only provide the best help and services for our residents but also help other serving and ex-service personnel around the country. 


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Community facilities

We provide and maintain a community room for residents to use for their social activities, functions and meetings. We also provide funds to help with these activities and events.



comm spir 2.jpg

Promoting Community Spirit

The charity strives to promote community spirit and a sense of belonging by supporting such events as Christmas parties for young and old, carol services, remembrance services, the marking of military commemorations, and much more.




Maintaining Beautiful Surroundings

In order to provide nurturing, colourful surroundings for our residents to live in we provide finance to maintain beautiful communal garden areas, memorial gardens and also run a garden maintenance assistance scheme.



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Effective Admin/Welfare Support

We provide administrative and welfare support to individuals and the residents’ association to reduce distress, hardship and need. Funds are made available for residents facing financial hardship or need: the latter when a specific need is identified and the need is not covered by statutory bodies. 


Poppy.jpgConstructive Networking

By working with different charities and organisations we are able to access many forms of help and support. Among the ex-service organisations we regularly co-operate with are the Not Forgotten Association, the British Legion and Combat Stress. Our secretary liaises with these charities on behalf of the residents.


CampusCityBlur.jpgRaising The Village Profile

The charity works with local agencies, groups, educational facilities and the local, regional and national media to heighten the profile of the village in order to maintain waiting lists and retain the village's profile as a site of historic importance. 

l Please note we do not undertake individual welfare casework assessments but are able to signpost residents to appropriate agencies.

Registered in England, Company No. 157888. Registered Office: Westfield Office, 1 Sir Thomas Storey House, West Road, Lancaster LA1 5PE. Registered Charity No. 223625

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