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How to apply for a property on Westfield


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Thank you: Many thanks to the King's Own Royal Regiment Museum, Lancaster Military Heritage Group, and all the residents, and family members
of previous residents, who have provided information and photographs to help bring this
site to life.

1 Sir Thomas Storey House
West Road
Telephone: 01524 65799

  • Jennifer Delahunt's figurative monument unveiled in 1926

  • Some of the residents of the village at a winter gathering

  • The housing block known as Nantyr, originally a stable block where industrial workshops were hosted in the early years

  • An early drawing by Thomas H Mawson of how he envisaged the village looking

  • The official opening of Westfield in 1924 by Earl Haig

  • Diamond Jubilee celebrations on the village

  • Homeowner and ex-serviceman Mr Norman Mitchell

  • The children of the village are not short of opportunities for fun.

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Westfield War Memorial Village is a charity that was originally established in 1919 to provide homes for disabled ex-servicemen. The provision of quality housing remains central to the charity’s philosophy, but we do a great deal more, and we embrace the wider Armed Forces Community: veterans and serving; men and women; regular and reserve; and their families. Today, there are 113 properties on the village, 91 are available for rent and 22 are privately owned.


TOURS: The centenary of the First World War has raised the profile of the village considerably,
and there has been an increase in demand from individuals and groups wishing to visit the site. Achieving the correct balance between public access and the rights of residents living within a
private community is important. Please contact the Company Secretary through the website in the first instance.


Registered in England, Company No. 157888. Registered Office: Westfield Office, 1 Sir Thomas Storey House, West Road, Lancaster LA1 5PE. Registered Charity No. 223625

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Westfield War Memorial Village
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